Train smarter than ever before

The only heavy weighted compression sleeves in the world.

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  • Heavy

    Naturally strengthen your muscles with added weight on your arms and legs.

  • Slim

    Discrete and fashionable addition to your outfit

  • Comfortable

    Soft, flexible compression that promotes blood circulation.

"Finally, a pair of ankle weights that I actually want to wear"

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"So slim and comfortable. Would highly recommend""

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"It's amazing how thin and heavy they are. At first I couldn't believe it"

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The weight is in the fabric

With the completely unique fabric, you do not have to rely on inserts, studs or fluids for added weight. Instead, the weight is naturally embedded in the fabric, resulting in a comfortable, convenient and clean

Designed for movement

Designed specifically to compress the skin and promote blood circulation, the fabric will stay in place regardless of the activity.
Naturally increase speed, endurance and burn more calories while walking, running, and jumping.

Wear them anywhere, anyhow, anytime

With a slim, snug fit and an even weight distribution, you can naturally incorporate weight training into any activity without causing unnecessary strain on your body. The Natural Resistance sleeves are perfect for running, jumping, crossfit, calisthenics or any other activity where you move or hold against gravity.

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