High-intensity training

Sprinting, agility, footwork, crossfit, boxing, fencing, tennis, martial arts...

Characterized by quick, explosive movements in bursts or under relatively short time, such as change of direction. Most sports involve at least some degree of high-intensity movement.

The best use of Natural Resistance will depend a lot on your specific exercise and movement. It will help to build stamina, stability and explosiveness, targeting all the right muscles in the way they are actually used. So you become fitter, faster, stronger.

Choose a weight in the low-to-medium range where you can still have high intensity and incrementally increase it over time.

In high-intensity exercise it's extra important to maintain a natural weight distribution to not disturb the natural movement patterns. Too much concentrated weight shifts the center of gravity of your body parts, affecting how it moves. Also, there is no point sacrificing intensity and explosiveness for added weight. You still need to go as hard and fast as you can. If you can do both, that’s where the magic happens.