Low-intensity training

Walking, hiking, stairmaster, stepper machine, gym, rehab, yoga, pilates, isometrics, daily movements...

Characterized by longer sessions similar to endurance training with a tendency for repetitive movements, but on a lower intensity. The frequency of repetitions will be less, decreasing the risk of overloading the body. Most isometric movements are also included here.

With Natural Resistance you can increase your exercise baseline and get a little bit extra out of your workout without making it too difficult. It helps to strengthen your muscles and burn extra calories while keeping your workout the same. You don’t have to change what you do - only what you wear.

Choose a weight anywhere in the low-to-medium-to-high range depending on your goals and progress. You should always incrementally increase the weight but do not need to worry as much about going too high as in the other training categories. Start with a weight that feels comfortable and that you can wear over long periods of time, and go from there.