Performance art

Dancing, ballet, figure skating, ground-based gymnastics, cheerleading...

Characterized by relatively low intensity, but with highly complex movement patterns and a greater focus on artistic expression. Includes a wide variety of movements, including stretched and twisted arms and legs, quick jumps, high jumps, and more. Similar to aerial in many ways, with the main difference that it's performed on the ground instead of in-air.

While exercising performance art it can be difficult to target the specific muscles used outside of the specific movement itself. With proper form being of major importance for this training category, Natural Resistance is a great way to naturally target and load the small, specific muscles involved. Compared to hard, bulky weight vests and weight cuffs, it is a safe and graceful alternative.

Choose a weight in the low-to-medium range depending on your goals and progress. You should always incrementally increase the weight. Start with a weight that feels comfortable and that you can wear while maintaining proper form, and go from there.