High jump, long jump, lunge jumps, step-ups, ankle hops, skipping...

Characterized by fast, low-contact movements against gravity. Similar to high-intensity training, but typically with a greater focus of moving against gravity rather than parallel to the ground.

Adding Natural Resistance to your plyometrics training greatly increases the force needed to get your body off the ground, while still allowing you to jump and move in the same way you would have before. It will help to improve your vertical leap and ground response time and especially strengthen the ankle, to maximize the ground transfer force.

Choose a weight in the low-to-medium range depending on your goals and progress. You should always incrementally increase the weight. Start with a weight that feels comfortable and that you can wear while maintaining proper form, and go from there.

In plyometrics it is especially important to ensure safe landing to avoid injuries on ankles, knees and lower back. Lower body products will help to alleviate tension on lower back and can help to stabilize the body.